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2021/22 Season Performance

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Art is inextricably tied to humanity. Since the beginning, art has been the means by which to chronicle and bring meaning to the human experience, as evidenced by the cave paintings of our earliest ancestors. Throughout time and across all cultures, countries and continents, art exists in its many forms, as one of the defining characteristics of our species.  It is our creativity, our ability to imagine and innovate, our ability to make real that which has not existed before, that has fuelled the successful evolution of humankind.

I am again reminded of the universality and timelessness of the arts as I reflect on the words of our former First Lady above. Never have her words rang truer than during this past year and a half as all humanity grappled with the impact of a global health crisis, as well as a wider awakening to the many inequities that continue to exist in our world. Even as artists and arts organizations struggled (and continue to do so) with the devastating impact of the pandemic, the arts not only persisted, but flourished. The inherent ability within the arts to innovate and adapt contributes to this, but more so it is owed to the primal need to find beauty, connection and meaning in times of strife.

I doubt few of us can reflect on the past year and a half of our lives without acknowledging the role art has played in helping us navigate this time. Whether through visual art, literature, music, film, theatre or dance, we have turned to art for comfort, respite, reflection and as a way to process our individual and collective experience. I challenge us all, however, to examine the many and less obvious ways art intersects and informs our everyday worlds beyond the obvious. Art is everywhere. It is in the design of your home, your car…even your streets. It is in the clothes you wear and the food you eat. It is in the video games you play and the device in your hand. It is in the formulas of mathematics and the advances of medical science.

As we welcome art back to our stages, our gallery and our studios this season, let us give thanks for all the ways art affects our lives, both obvious and unexpected. This is a time for celebration and healing.  It is a time for reimagining and reconnecting. We look forward to joining with you once more in community as we experience the mastery of the exemplary artists coming to the Carver this season.

Cassandra Parker-Nowicki,

Executive Director

Main Stage

Fri, 10.08.21

An Evening with Mykal Kilgore & Jamison Ross

Sat, 10.23.21

The Divas of Eastwood

Sat, 11.06.21

The Soul Rebels

Sat, 11.20.21

Eleven Reflections: San Antonio

Sat, 12.04.21


Sat, 01.22.22

Hiplet Ballerinas

Sat, 02.05.22

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Fri, 02.18.22

Christian Sands

Fri, 03.18.22

Gabriel Royal

Sat, 04.02.22

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

Sat, 05.28.22


Fri, 06.03.22

The Suffers

Little Carver Intimate Series

Fri, 11.12.21

Alyson Alonzo

Sat, 01.08.22

Tomar and the FC’s

Fri, 03.04.22

Kory Cook and The Whale

Fri, 04.22.22

Jess Mahogany