Artist Residencies & Master Classes


Community members have an opportunity to connect and interact with professional artists visiting the Carver Community Cultural Center. Whether a lecture-demonstration, in-school visit, panel discussion or workshop, these outreach activities deepen the relationship between the artist and the community and allow for opportunities for each to grow and learn from the other.

Dates and times are subject to change.

Please contact the Education Coordinator at (210) 207-2719 for schedule and reservations.

2020-2021 Artist-in-Residence: Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson

San Antonio darling Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, spoken word artist, writer, vocalist and current (and first African American) San Antonio Poet Laureate, will be the Carver’s featured artist-in-residence for the 2020-2021 season. Throughout the course of her residency, Vocab will host a number of education and community engagement activities to include workshops, master classes, podcasts and performances drawing upon her many talents and deep love for our community.

Andrea Vocab Sanderson- The Carver Community Cultural
Andrea Assaf - The Carver Community Cultural Center

Artist Residency with Andrea Assaf

September 2020 – November 20201

Andrea Assaf is an acclaimed performer, writer and director, as well the founding Artistic Director of Art2Action, Inc.  This residency is centered around Andrea’s original one-woman show, Eleven Reflections on September; a multidisciplinary work examining the experience of Muslim Americans in post 9/11 America. In addition to a performance of Eleven Reflections, Andrea will host a series of monthly online community conversations, as well as several workshops, auditions and rehearsals in which the artistic team will engage with local residents to develop a new performance piece entitled Eleven Reflections on San Antonio, which will premiere on the Carver stage in November 2021.

Artist Residency with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance

March 8 – 13, 2021

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) is a cultural ambassador harnessing the universal language of dance to infuse vitality, innovation and education into every community they touch. Internationally recognized as one of the country’s foremost modern dance companies, CPRD’s repertoire is inspired by the African American experience and rooted in ethnic and modern dance traditions and includes works by some of the most critically acclaimed choreographers. During the week-long residency CRPD will interact with residents of all ages through master classes, workshops and discussions…all leading up to a culminating public performance.

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance - The Carver Community Cultural Center
Nine - The Carver Community Cultural

Artist Residency with Leah Glenn Dance Theatre and Steve Prince

May 17 – 29, 2021

The two-week residency centers around the performance of Nine: a creative collaboration of choreographer Leah Glenn and visual artist Steve Prince celebrating the heraldic bravery and pioneering spirit of nine African American teenagers who history came to know as the “Little Rock Nine.” Drawing upon their talents as both artists and educators, Leah Glenn and Steve Prince will explore the intersections of the arts, social justice and community engagement through a series of community engagement experiences from master classes, open rehearsals, lectures, performances and community workshops both in dance and visual arts.