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Hiplet Ballerinas

Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

Jo Long Theatre | $35

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Hip Hop En Pointe

“Hiplet Ballerinas … have somehow managed to marry the traditional pointe technique of classical ballet with a combination of hip-hop, Latin, African and urban dance styles.”

Specifically designed to make ballet accessible to all, Hiplet™ is a fusion between classical pointe technique, Hip-Hop, African, Latin and other urban dance styles to create a never-before-seen type of dance. Hiplet™ was created by Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant in the early 90s with the goal of mixing ballet with popular songs familiar to the audience while simultaneously maintaining its classical roots. The artform has since blossomed and performances incorporate music and dance rooted in communities of color. The rhythms of African drums with Tchaikovsky, arabesques and beat-boxing or even Tango en pointe are all showcased in Hiplet™ performances with its trademark sass, hip movements, and struts, all under popular music from Black Violin to Beyonce.

Hiplet™ has received recognition worldwide, with appearances in Germany, France, Spain, South Korea and Hong Kong. Likewise, the art has been featured and collaborated within global companies such as Mercedes Benz, Vogue’s Anna Wintour, New York and Paris Fashion Week, W Magazine, Versace, and Old Navy. Featuring 10 dancers, The Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center is excited to partner with ECE Touring to bring its touring show to audiences everywhere. With this innovative and beautiful new artform, the Hiplet™ Ballerinas are certain to blow away their audience.

Hiplet Ballerinas - Carver Season 2021-22