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MC2 and The S.O.U.L.

Little Carver Intimate Series

Saturday, Jan 8, 2021

Little Carver | $25

*Seating will be Cabaret Style w tables of 4

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It’s About Energy and Vibrations

“The flavors of MC2 & The S.O.U.L. combine the best parts of Hip-Hop + R&B consciousness and grooves carousel around lavish lyricism in this collective of powerful artists.”
– Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson, SA Poet Laureate 2020-2023

Music has always been a therapeutic outlet for each of the band members of MC2 and The S.O.U.L.  The band is comprised of a multitude of veterans where each share experiences such as deployments and military combat.  Their music makes for an advantageous transition back into civilian life and serves as a creative focus.  Hip Hop and Soul music are the foundation of what makes MC² & The S.O.U.L. (Sounds of Universal Love) dynamic.  The diversity of the group speaks volumes when it comes to individual musical inputs and influences.

Rooted in years of grooming and practice within the world of Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Soul, Spoken Word, and Rock, their sound is as diverse.  With a continuance of Hip-Hop’s core values of social justice, peace, respect, self-worth, community, and fun, their music serves as a platform to bring forth the critical discussions within the Hip-Hop community, Black and Latinx communities. Their musical arrangements highlight social and socio-political matters, all while having fun and maintaining an uplifting and positive energy.