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El Corazón del Bolero


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Little Carver Intimate Series | 8PM | $25

“The show is an elegant dive into the bolero.”  Deborah Martin, San Antonio Express News

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A True Expression of Love and Passion

Written and performed by José Rubén De León and accompanied by Dr. Aaron Ellington Prado on piano and George Prado on bass, the trio breathes new life into bolero music with El Corazón del Bolero.

Billed as a tribute to male and female bolero composers from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico, El Corazón del Bolero touches all aspects of amore and pledges of eternal love, bitter disappointment and unrequited love.

The Bolero today is filled with lulling ballads and infused with energetic rhythms.  This journey through the origins and evolution of the bolero features an incredibly talented musician and composer in his own right. José Rubén De León will transport audiences to Cuba and back again through beautiful melodies and amorous lyrics.

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