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Jed Craddock

Friday, Nov. 18, 2022 | 8pm

Little Carver Intimate Series | $25

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Watching Jed Craddock on stage is an experience that feels timeless and authentic. A San Antonio native, the singer-songwriter best defines his music as Soul Pop, although he consistently bends genres to incorporate his favorite elements from almost every kind of music. Craddock’s vocal style and song writing approach delivers powerful narratives that take listeners on a journey back to the roots of our shared human experience. Active in the Texas music scene since 2010, Craddock is no stranger to the grit required to thrive as an independent musician and producer. His unique blend of soul, R&B, electronic, rock, and hip-hop elements deliver an experience that captivates audiences and inspires them to dance while his voice shifts between a tender timbre to gritty belting. Joining him on the Little Carver stage will be local band members Joey Berrios, Simon Nicholson, and other special guests.

familiar mix of retro sound with an unexpected modern edge

“Blending uplifting lyrics with electronic instruments and guitar, Craddock emanates John Mayer but adds his own kind of modern twist. He has an admirable sense of resilience and confidence in his music that will help take him far.”

– Texas Public Radio